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Le piscine a Puech Blanc


We have a beautiful swimming pool area in the back of the garden, and not too close to the house. It is 14 x 6 metres so there is always plenty of room both in the pool and on the 'plage' - as the French call the area surrounding a swimming pool. When we have too much heat and sun there is also plenty of shade. The pool area is well protected by some fir trees, from the westerly winds , which don't blow very often but nearly always come from the west.

Water treatement for the pool is taken care of by a salt water system and with this method the water is kept in tip top condition, even during the hottest of weather. Additionally the acidity level is kept low so there is no smell of chlorine and it is kinder to the eyes. The acidity level is maintained at 7.4 which I am told is the same as our eyes, although I've never measured mine !

We ask all our guests to bring their own swimming pool towels - but there's no need to rush out in the morning to reserve a place !