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Recipes from our weekly dinner parties

Our recipes set out below were cooked each week for our clients by Rene and with the assistance of our clients. Each of the recipes shown here are based on a dinner for four people and includes a starter, main course and dessert.

Recipe 1

Caviar de Lentilles

Boil 400gr of lentils with one onion, thym and salt. When the lentils are cooked, take away the thymef and mix them with cooked onion. Add one spoon of mustard, 5cl vinaigrette, 10 cl olive oil and mix everything.
Add 100gr of raisons and stick it in the fridge.
Delicious with home made brown bread!

Boulettes de Porc

Mix 500 gr of sausage meat with 5 tbs of 5 spice Chinese herb, basil, onion, garlic and make little "boulettes" and cook for 35 minutes in the oven at 200c.
After 20 minutes add 2 spoons of soja sauce, 2 spoons of white wine and serve with rice or couscous.

Fruit a la Frangipane

Mix 180 gr of almonds powder, 180gr of sucker, 90gr butter,90gr of crème fraiche and 3 eggs.
Cook in the oven for 15 minutes at 200c in little cups with fruit like apricots, apples, figs or pear.

Recipe 2

Fromage Blanc aux Herbes

Mix 500gr "fromage blanc" with parsley, basil, menthe, echalottes, salt and pepper and stick in the fridge. Very tasty with a fresh baguette or brown bread.

Veloute de Courgette

Boil 3 courgettes add salt and pepper. When all is boiled mix it with lots of basil and feta cheese and crème fraiche. When you want to make a bit more, you can add mascarpone.. You can eat this veloute cold or warm.

Polpetone de Poulet

Mix 500 gr of chicken filet very fine cut, with 250 gr ricotta cheese and add basil, salt and pepper and 2 eggs. Take a slice of ham and fill the mix. Cook for 45 minutes in the oven at 180c. After 30 minutes add sweet white wine and serve with cooked tomatoes from the oven.

Croustilland Abricot

Make a compote from apricots ( cut the apricots in little slices and boil tem with sucre) You need about 500 apricots, 100 gr sucker.Mix 200gr flower with 100gr sucker and butter. Mix it on full gaz till it goes brown
Stick the compote in a nice glass and couver it with the "crumble"