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Walking and Cycling

or maybe a run ?

we are offering 2 e-bikes to rent out for the day or a half day


walking cycling - or running maps in detail so you can discover the best of the countryside around Puech Blanc

Walking and cycling in the Tarn is now super fun with the combination of our all-new and powerfull e-bikes for all-terrain and our detailed maps to keep you on the right track. Right from our domain you can set off into the vinyards with one of several detailed rout maps printed or downloaded to your phone.

With our e-bikes by Scott - which are super powerfull you can have a really fun time in the viyards and sunflower fields which cover the hills all around us.

The routes on offer vary between 1 to 5 hours for walk-routes and the same trackes you can also do by bike - but in rather less time, some of which include restaurants for a tasty stop-over.


The bikes are available for half day or whole day rental