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These are the 2018 season activities we offer you at

Puech Blanc

making your stay memorable and relaxing


All terrain e-bike rental


We offer you the possibility to hit the hills of the Tarn vinyards and not even notice they are hills - this is really great fun !!

For more info go . . here

Wine tasting Tour


To introduce you to the Gaillac wine, we organise a trip to a near by wine domain. Here the owner will explain you about how the wine is made and we will taste some. We will be there to help you with the translating. Afterwards we will have a pick-nic and enjoy a bottle of wine together. (depending on a minimum of 4 guests)

[ the tour is 10 euros p.p including wine and pick-nic ]

Watching the Stars


Our local friend "David" is a specialist in explaining you all about the stars. He has constructed a large telescope and will show you galaxies, planets and things you would not believe were possible to see. David has lots of books and beautiful pictures to show you and has time to answer any questions you may have. (depending on a minimum of 4 guests)

He is also an active member of a professional observertry.

[ the stars are 10 euros p.p ]



We have created a jeu-de-boules area which is available any time and each gite is equipped with a boules kit. Each week we all get together and have a fun competition and enjoy a glass or two of wine at the same time.



  There is a badminton court set up in the garden, and all the equipment is provided.

Flying in a 4 seater plane:

See everything in the Tarn from the air or go for lunch on the coast, flying from Gaillac airport (15 mins from Puech Blanc) with our friend Alister who is a flying aficianado with his own plane.

Golf Arrangement